Last Update 13.10.2023


We design off-grid and grid-connected solar systems for own power use with and without storage batteries. We repair and maintain photovoltaic and wind generators and the associated components.
In our individual solutions and developments in the area electronics and mechanics, new ideas and experieces flows continuously in.

Examples :

Info Solar :

In particular we sell products and offer service for


the Swiss manufacturer of off-grid inverters and system accessories.

For grid-based systems we offer products from

a German manufacturer of hybrid inverters.


Solar modules convert the sun's light directly into electricity into electricity, e.g. to charge batteries. Width their long life expectancy (more than 30 years) and freedom from maintenance, they are ideally suited as the main generator not only for self-sufficient energy systems.

Storage batteries

The Studer products we prefer, can be adjusted to all existing battery types!

The power storage - accumulator, represents the central point in an autonomous power sistem. In order to guarantee a continuous energy supply a dimensioning adapted to the energy consumption is indispensable.

In mobile applications, modern lithium batteries have a justification due to their smaller size and much lower weight. As small storage units in grid-connected photovoltaic systems, they are often the first choice due to their appearance. It also offers advantages in its electrical behavior compared to the classic lead-acid battery

but :

This seldom plays a role in stationary "stand-alone" systems. Environmental impact of lithium production, the expense of control electronics for safe operation and the recycling problems often leave us preferring the classic lead-acid battery.

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